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If you are interested in joining us at Adage, you will find below the principal positions that we are seeking.

N.B.Each post has a Job Code. You are kindly requested to insert the Job Code for the post you would like to apply for in the subject line (title) of your email. This is to enable us to sort applications – not doing so may prolong the time it takes for your application to be processed. Thank you.
1) Arabic Branch
Job title: Arabic branch member
Job Code: A 1

We seek members who are capable of proofreading Arabic Ahādīth, in order to present them in the best form possible. A high degree of meticulousness is required, in addition to a hard-working mentality and an intermediate level of English.
2) English Branch
a) Job title: Translator/Editor
Job Code: E 1

We seek translators and editors of an exceptional level of English who have good experience in the field. A degree in translation is neither a requirement nor a guarantee for this position. A special evaluation test will be set to gauge whether the applicant is sufficiently qualified to translate the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him).
b) Job title: Native-Speaker
Editor Job Code: E 2

We are seeking native English speakers who are acquainted with Islamic material and have experience in writing/editing (applicants who have knowledge of Arabic will not be considered for this post, since this knowledge can be detrimental to their performance).
3) Islamic Studies Experts
Job title: Islamic Expert
Job Code: IE

We are seeking dedicated experts who are graduates of Islamic Studies (preferably Ahādīth Studies) to help in the task of further explaining the Ahādīth (in Arabic) to our members in their on-going translation work.
4) Information Technology Applicants
Job title: IT Applicants
Job Code: IT

We are seeking professionals in these fields: Photoshop/Graphic Design, Flash Animation, 3D Architecture, Calligraphy, Research, Training (especially online), PHP, Mysql, Flash, SQL server, ASP, HTML, XHTML and CSS, Access, Java, Java Script, Vb Script, Ajax and Web 2.0 familiarity.
5) Other Fields
Job title: Other Fields
Job Code: OF

We are also seeking a specific range of professionals of other fields. If you believe that you have something to offer in one of these fields, please join us to further the aims of this noble project. This includes all other areas like marketing, translation to Arabic, writers for easy tasks, etc.

If you are interested in joining us at Adage, please fill this application form here:

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About Adage

Adage Ltd. is a not-for-profit translation and education company devoted to the production of the first online database of hadīth in different languages, starting with a complete English translation.

So far, only partial translations are available online. For this reason, the first phase of this database will integrate the entire English translations of the following books:

1. Sahīh al-Bukhāriy
2. Sahīh Muslim
3. Sunan Abi-Dawūd
4. Sunan at-Tirmithiy
5. Sunan an-Nasā’iy
6. Sunan Ibn-Mājah
7. Muwatta’ Mālik

We have decided to start where others have stopped. Thus, the first translation to be presented by Adage is of Sunan at-Tirmithiy, because there is no comprehensive/complete translation of the book available on the internet. While there are multiple sources of hadīth online, what differentiates Adage from others is a number of key elements. The working team comprises a selection of competent volunteers including professional translators, native proofreaders, Islamic scholars, and IT specialists among others, who are devoted to this honorable cause, all of whom seek no financial benefit. Our project aims at presenting an online translation of hadīth that is free, comprehensive, multilingual, and of exceptional quality.

Adage does not promote or affiliate itself with external organizations of any kind.

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A warm welcome to Adage Online; an ambitious project aiming to present the first comprehensive multilingual database of hadīth on the Internet


Prophet Muhammad's traditions and teachings are considered to be the second source of legislation and guidance in Islām after the Qur'ān. By resorting to the Prophet's own words, the seeker of knowledge guarantees an authentic and unbiased insight into the world of Islām. Muhammad's teachings embody what is perhaps one of the most needed messages, in a world battered by conflict, blinded by prejudices and grieved with the absence of mercy and tolerance. Despite the many ambitious attempts to preserve Muhammad's precious legacy, there are only partial translations available on the Internet. At Adage, thorough planning has already advanced to tangible work for this noble cause to be achieved. Please keep your eyes on this space, as more ahādīth will be available on a regular basis. This is a humble contribution to the introduction of Islamic teachings to all.